Six Ways You Can (Should) Be Using Video in Your Agency Right Now

Utilizing video is a necessity in your marketing strategy for potential and current clients

With the average consumer watching 16 hours of online video per week, the use of video has exploded among business marketers of all sizes. Statistically, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. If you are not already, investing in a video strategy is a must, if you are – awesome – here are some ways to include (or expand) your use of video:

  1. On your website: What you stand for, what you do, customer testimonials
  2. Educate your clients: explain the types of coverages, or amounts needed
  3. Video quoting: instead of emailing that quote, create a video proposal that explains and sells
  4. Welcome aboard: once that first policy is issued, send a thank you video with staff introductions, the hours of operation and claim procedures
  5. Repurpose: Give some long-ago blog posts that were well written, but have been sitting unused and unread, some new life with video
  6. Touchpoint: Send a video greeting card to celebrate holidays or clients’ birthdays

However you use video, remember to keep it short – best practices recommend under 2 minutes – and keep it real. Your agency’s video should reflect its brand and personality.