The Sky is Falling: Part 1

A 3-Part Article for SIAA Member Agencies: Part 1

By Matt Masiello, EVP & Chief Operating Officer The sky is falling! Or maybe it's just our industry evolving at a more rapid pace. Insurance is one of the last industries to become consumer-centric. Big...
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5 Ways IA’s Can Generate Revenue with the SIAA Model

Reinvest in your agency and gain a competitive advantage

 Matt Masiello, SIAA's Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, explains the 5 ways independent agencies can generate revenue on their books of business with the SIAA model. Commissions at the highest level available Regional /...
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Get out in your community

With the insurance industry spending roughly $6 billion a year in advertising to bring "Mayhem"...

It can be daunting for an agent-or anyone for that matter-to fathom the amount of dollars put forth by insurance companies for advertising each year. In fact, the insurance industry ranks among the top-10 industries...
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5 Swings at the $Ball

SIAA – Changing the Way Agents are Paid

As the insurance industry continues to experience property & casualty commission cuts, the unrivaled earning potential that SIAA offers to its members has become more important than ever. Unlike any other operating model, SIAA –...
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Getting the Most Out of Agency Management Systems

Utilizing Technology to Maximize Agency Efficiencies

Are you utilizing your Agency Management System (AMS) to streamline processes and sales to become more efficient? A robust and fully utilized AMS will help boost your productivity by aligning your operations with your mission...
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Don’t Poke the Bear.

Referring to SIAA as an Aggregator or Cluster is sure to provoke some reaction.

Jim Masiello is the founder, CEO and chairman of SIAA (Strategic Independent Agents Alliance), and while he is known throughout the industry as a direct, straight-to-the-point personality, generally speaking he is a pretty amicable guy....
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5 Point Insurance Marketing Checklist for 2017

Five relevant checkpoints independent insurance agencies can use right now to build a results-driven marketing...

1. Differentiate yourself With the number of direct writers, captive agents and other sources of insurance, if your agency brand does not promise something unique, you are going to have a hard time standing out...
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What is a Master Agency (and other questions about SIAA)?

Demystifying SIAA’s multi-tiered operating model in 600 words or less

SIAA has a unique operating model – offering member agencies a distinct advantage over other membership-based options – yet for some that may be just learning about the national alliance, it can be a little...
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Changing appetites, could you be blind-sided?

Having access to diverse markets key to reacting to market changes.

Meet Mary. Mary is a modestly-sized insurance agency owner who heeded all the warnings around the uncertain future of personal lines, and has spent the last few years diligently building her agency’s small commercial book....
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