IA Evolve: On-Demand Presentations and Workshops

IA Evolve, a five-hour virtual conference held on September 17, 2019, was specifically designed to help independent insurance agencies expand their digital capabilities.

Hosted by SIAA, the largest national alliance of independent insurance agents in the U.S., IA Evolve explored the impact of innovation and Insurtech and provided an interactive experience with keynote speakers, a panel of digitally focused independent agents, interactive workshops, live chats, a networking lounge and over 50 exhibitors in a virtual tradeshow.

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Insurance Distribution – The Future has Arrived
Matt Masiello, Chief Executive Officer, SIAA

The digital revolution has changed the way many people think about purchasing insurance. The internet and multiple distribution channels offer the consumer more choices, yet also create more chaos. Independent agents still offer clients what others do not— advice, breadth of product offering, and carrier choice. Yet, today’s clients want a quality experience on their terms. Becoming a client-centric insurance agency, consistently delivering on your brand promise, and understanding your value proposition are more important than ever. The independent agencies who discover powerful opportunities in adopting new technologies while embracing their traditional competitive advantage as a trusted advisor will redefine the independent agent.

SIAA Member Panel Discussion • Embracing Digital to Enhance the Client Experience

We all hear that agencies must be transitioning to be more “digital”, but what does that mean? The process of discovering, evaluating and adopting technology solutions looks different across agencies. Watch this panel of agency principals share their unique insights – challenges and successes – in leveraging digital innovation to grow and compete.

Transforming our Industry Together
Tyler Asher, President, Independent Agent Distribution, Liberty Mutual Business Lines and Safeco Insurance

There is no doubt, customer expectations are driving carriers and independent agents to up their game in everything from products that protect to texting that connects. If agents want to thrive in a digital-first world, it requires a shift in mindset. Tyler Asher delivers a rousing talk on transforming our industry together. He looks into the trends that affect our industry and digs into what successful agents are doing today to become agents for the future.


Become an Agent for the Future
Stacie Cooper, Project Manager & Marketing Coach, Safeco Insurance & Liberty Mutual

There is an enduring value of an independent agency. No other channel offers consumers the combination of ease, choice and advice they need to make smart decisions. However, the insurance industry is rapidly changing. Millennials are now the largest adult generation – and they value what IAs offer more than any other generation! But they want access to what you offer in a variety of ways, especially digitally. As technology evolves and customers’ needs shift, IAs must adapt to ensure long-term growth and success.

Building the Modern Agency
Clinton Houck, Director of Agency Development, Advisor Evolved

In today’s marketplace 80% of consumers shop and research a product online during the buying process. The number 1 most common search term on Google is “product or service near me”. Without a strong local SEO presence and clear Call to Action driven website, agency owners are missing out on a majority of opportunities to grow their book of business. During this presentation you will learn how to rank locally on Google, to attract visitors, and the three core components of your website to convert visitors to leads.

LinkedIn for Insurance Producers / 3 Pillars (Profile, Search, Sharing)
Jeff Teschke, Founder and CEO, Forge3, Ltd.

90% of insurance producers I meet aren’t using LinkedIn. There’s your opportunity! LinkedIn is such a powerful prospecting and sales tool. There’s more to it than accepting connection requests. A lot more. Watch as Jeff Teschke, Founder and CEO of Forge3, hosts an updated, fast-paced screen share and live video training session. He’ll cover the 3 Pillars of LinkedIn, including profile, search and sharing. Do something different this year. Be better. Do more. Inspire your colleagues.

Driving Operational Efficiency for your Agency
Tim Robinson, Chief Operating Officer, Agency Revolution

Whether you are a new agency owner establishing a start-up or have been around for several years, like many small business owners, do you find yourself spending most of your time managing day-to-day operations? With the right automation tools in place, even the smallest independent agencies can be competitive in today’s digital landscape. Beginning with a modern website, followed by marketing tools integrated with your agency management system, deliver consistent marketing campaigns that generate business while you focus on sales and service.

Inbound Marketing – The Essentials
Diana Zalaquett, Senior Agency Consultant, HubSpot

Inbound marketing is a cycle of attracting, engaging, and delighting people. By creating content that educates and informs your prospects and customers with context, clarity, and creativity, you can start to build trust and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. With inbound marketing, your content becomes part of a cross-channel holistic experience comprised of compelling conversion opportunities and exciting offers. With this content, you’re able to build a relationship with your visitors, to gather information, and learn more about each individual. By taking this relationship-focused approach to marketing, you’re not just solving for your prospects’ immediate needs, but also enabling their long-term growth. The value and insight your content provides enables your visitors to critically examine their problems so that they eventually arrive at the most natural solution. Understand why inbound is transforming the way you market and learn some best practices that you can start applying today.

Why Digital Agencies Outperform their Peers!
Brady Polansky, Vice President of Agency Relationships, EZ Lynx

Becoming a more modern agency starts with better understanding of your agency’s customer journey. Follow along the three major customer journeys, the most common digital technologies influencing them, and the resulting benefits. Next, by focusing on a few simple, yet often overlooked key performance indicators (KPIs) begin to outline the various steps that will allow technology to drive meaningful improvements.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) – What, Why and How for the Insurance Industry 
Matthew Smith, Business Development, Rocket Referrals

Just five years ago, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) was mostly unknown to insurance agents. Since then the NPS has become the standard for measuring client loyalty and improving the client experience—meaning higher retention and more referrals. This sessions provides an overview of the NPS and shows you exactly how agents are using the NPS to grow their agency.

High Tech, High Touch: Integrating Technology to Enhance Client Communication and Experience
John Fear, Founder, Premier Business Consulting

Successful businesses all have at least one thing in common – they use all available tools to maximize relevant communication with their clients to improve their experience. With your agency management system as the foundation, your business should coordinate all available tools to improve communication with current clients and increase efficiency acquiring new clients. Understanding what your clients believe is “differentiated service” and then aligning your agency’s tools and staff’s talent to meet those needs, is critical to your business’ sustained growth. This session includes methods for both soliciting external feedback from clients to be measured using internal performance elements to ensure that you’re “measuring what you’re managing”.