Embracing Change

Positioning Your Business for the Future

As we continue to witness the transition of insurance distribution within our industry, the role of an agent has taken on a new perspective. In the old day,s we could get by just being visible, purchasing ads in print and on air, being active in our community and positioning ourselves as the locally preferred vendor for insurance. It worked well for decades – and then the world changed.

The new industry perspective positions us as a trusted advisor and counselor, rather than a vendor or order taker. As sales organizations, we must get over the idea that being in business for a long time equates with being the first choice for those seeking insurance products in our communities. Complacency is killing many tenured agencies; those that will thrive in the future recognize that the industry has changed and will change along with it.

This new perspective requires that we do many things well, and that we do them differently from the way that business was conducted in the past. Here are just a few of the ramifications of the changing business model (and some thoughts and questions about what your agency should do about it):

Read the full article, written by Tom Barrett, SIAA Regional President of the Midwest and Southeast, published in the Summer 2018 edition of Resources Magazine.