Five Master Agencies Mark Up to 20 Years as SIAA Partners

SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance) today announced that five Master Agencies are celebrating special anniversaries with the alliance this fall. The news comes as SIAA members gathered in Boston for their annual conference October 12-14. North Florida Agents Network is marking 20 years; SIA of Northern Ohio, Idaho Insurance Agents Alliance, and CoVerica Agency  Alliance are marking 15 years; and the Pacific Agents Alliance is marking five years with SIAA. These Master Agencies and 44 others across the U.S. share SIAA’s pursuit of forming valuable relationships among area independent agents to help them prosper and grow in terms of agency income and equity.

“We strive to provide the best resources to our Master Agencies and truly celebrate these milestones as they mark five, 15 and 20 years with SIAA,” said SIAA Chief Executive Officer Jim Masiello. “These long-established relationships are proof that the SIAA integrator model works. We appreciate the dedication our Master Agencies have to their independent agents and to SIAA. Profitable premium growth, access to strategic partner carriers, and quality relationship integration are paving the way to profitability for independent agents across the country.”

SIAA honored the dedication of each of these Master Agencies with an award and reception. Member agencies include former direct and captive agents, producers and existing independent agents. The Master Agencies honored include:

Based in Tallahassee, Fla., North Florida Agents Network serves 61 members throughout Northwest Florida and will mark its 20th anniversary October 23. North Florida Agents Network was created by the Vaughn Insurance Agency, led by Kevin Vaughn, president and CEO.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, SIA of Northern Ohio serves 60 members throughout the state of Ohio and marked its 15th anniversary September 1. SIA of Northern Ohio is led by Scott Ewers, CEO, and Jack Hertvik, president.

Based in Meridian, Idaho, Idaho Insurance Agents Alliance serves 14 members in the state of Idaho and will mark its 15th anniversary October 9. Idaho Insurance Agents Alliance was formed by All American Insurance and James Fullinwider, founder and president.

Based in Dallas, Tex., CoVerica Agency Alliance serves 61 members in the greater Dallas area and will mark its 15th anniversary October 1. CoVerica Agency Alliance was founded by Mike Sterlacci, president and CEO.

Based in Pasadena, Calif., the Pacific Agents Alliance serves 77 members throughout Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties of California and will mark its 5th anniversary September 30. The Pacific Agents Alliance was formed by Bill Kinney, president and CEO.

The SIAA master agency model was created in 1983 in the New Hampshire area by agency owner (now SIAA CEO) Jim Masiello, when he formed the SAN Group. Today, SIAA is the largest alliance of independent insurance agencies in the country, and has helped to create more than 3,450 new, independent insurance agencies. In 2015, SIAA’s strategic partner companies generated $570 million in new business through the alliance.

“SIAA is delighted and proud of the progress these Master Agencies have made over the past five to 20 years,” said Masiello. “It is wonderful to see our integrator model working – helping independent agents succeed in their professions for many years ahead.”

About SIAA
SIAA is a national insurance agency alliance dedicated to the creation, retention, growth and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system. SIAA has signed more than 6,000 member agencies through 49 master agencies across the country and writes $6.3 billion in premium. Of that member number, SIAA and its Master Agencies have created over 3,650 new start-up agencies. An estimated 13 percent of all independent agencies in the U.S. are or have been signed members of SIAA. SIAA brings profitable premium growth and quality relationship integration between its member agencies and strategic partner companies, and provides a wide range of resources to help agencies increase sales, retention, revenue and value. For more information on SIAA visit