Leap forward into the new year

Uncover new opportunities amid growing challenges

Along with all the pomp and circumstance of a new year come new challenges. Whether it’s trying to cling to a New Year’s resolution or taking a shovel to the icy cold January snow, hurdles abound. Fortunately, accompanying those new challenges are also new opportunities – opportunities that can spell growth for professional, independent agents.

In fact, a considerably large number of independent agents are optimistic for business growth in 2017, compared to how they felt going into 2016. According to a new report by Vertafore, 46 percent of agents surveyed said they were “very optimistic” about their agency’s future in 2017, while only 29 percent reported the same sentiment for 2016. Almost 85 percent of the agencies surveyed said they are working toward “aggressive or moderate growth” over the next three-to-five years.

So, how can those independent agents reach those aggressive growth goals? Read the full article in PIA Magazine, written by Executive VP and COO, SIAA – reprinted with permission from PIA Management Services Inc.