SIAA’s Road to Success

Jim Masiello of SIAA (Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance) said that when you see the numbers, it’s pretty hard not to want to be part of an organization that is as stable as SIAA and that’s been around for so long.

“We’re the granddaddy. We were out there before anybody with the multilevel partnering concept,” he said. The following are excerpts of an interview.

Why an agent would want to be an SIAA member:

The biggest reason is stability. We ended 2017 with $7.1 billion of in-force premium, with over 6,700 member agents signed. That’s a nice organization to be invited into. We provide significant additional compensation, local and national incentives, payable on a quarterly basis to increase an agent’s cash flow. Our member agencies have the highest local commission tiers that our strategic partner companies offer, and that’s irrespective of volume. They’re
coming in, and they’re getting a top commission right from the start. What’s more, member agencies have access to the very top competitive markets.

How SIAA is helping member agents grow and develop:

We have a very extensive training center teaching agents how they can grow their client base. We have A to Z turnkey training for those folks, and so far, we’ve signed over 4,000 former direct writers, agency producers, and exclusive agents. In addition to company access, they are drawn to the training support they receive here. We believe very strongly that the agent of the future will need to identify the areas they’re comfortable writing, and then they’re going to have to do target marketing, and account rounding through cross-selling. We preach that all the time and it’s working. With everything we have available, once they join SIAA, their level of sophistication automatically rises, and they become more astute business people. We have 6,700 stories that say it works.

Read the full article, printed in the February issue of Best’s Review, Issues and Answers – Career Development edition.