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SIAA, the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance, is dedicated to the creation, retention, growth and continuing success of the independent insurance agency distribution system. Whether you're a captive agent looking to start your own shop or an existing independent agency, becoming a member of SIAA lets you become instantly BIG.

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  • Maintain your independence, yet tap into an alliance of greater commissions, profit-sharing overrides and growth bonuses!


  • Get In On the Growth

    Get In On the Growth

    SIAA Independent Strategic Member Agencies are growing their premiums with access to many competitive insurance companies providing top-level commissions, national and local incentives and profit sharing without minimums. Whether you're an existing agency or a direct writer, producer or captive or life financial service agent looking to become a new independent agency, SIAA is the strategic alliance you need to expand your business.
  • Attract New Customers with AMP’d

    Attract New Customers with AMP’d

    Our philosophy begins with the customer. Focusing on providing them with the best service at the best price. AMP’d is powered by a diverse group of marketing professionals and strives to provide SIAA’s Member Agencies with the tools to attract new customers, engage in customer retention strategies, and take advantage of cross-sell opportunities.
  • Find the Perfect Program at the Perfect Price

    Find the Perfect Program at the Perfect Price

    Available to SIAA member agents only, Alliance MarketFinder has developed an extensive online portal where members can quickly search for a market for that hard-to-place piece of business. SIAA prides itself on providing solutions that afford independent agents the opportunity to grow their businesses with competitively priced programs and markets. SIAA further supports its members through regular program training and business development materials.
  • Keeping Agents Informed and Providing Access to Educational Tools

    Keeping Agents Informed and Providing Access to Educational Tools

    To help our Member Agencies increase their sales and revenue, the Training & Learning Center (TLC) offers courses that further their education in the areas of sales and agency growth. The TLC includes the QuickSTART program, providing Member Agents with an innovative, “first of its kind in our industry” new agent training program.
  • Boost Your Commercial Business

    Boost Your Commercial Business

    The Business Insurance Advantage (BIA) division was created to enable Member Agencies to start or grow profitable commercial lines of business. This group assists Member Agencies in utilizing existing SIAA services and materials, such as the SIAA online store, Training & Learning Center, and mentoring program as a means of rounding out their books of business by producing commercial lines premium volume.
  • Give Your Agency a Strong Start

    Give Your Agency a Strong Start

    Focused on start-up Member Agencies, our Agency FOUNDATION is a consultation program that includes discounts on agency services, access to third-party providers, access to successful and proven methodologies, and some simple yet essential helpful hints. This program helps operators establish a foundation for building and operating a business, not simply writing insurance. We have more than 30 years of experience and bring the benefit of the resultant knowledge and skills to our start-up Member Agencies in helping them to accelerate the ramp-up to success.

  • SIAA is a national alliance of independent insurance agencies dedicated to the creation, retention, growth and continued success of the independent insurance agency distribution system.
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    Increase in Your Income with SIAA
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