Protecting Golfers Against…Great Luck

Sinking the ball into the cup on your first swing is a memorable moment for a pro and the story of a lifetime for an amateur, with the odds being about 1 in 12,500 according to USA Today. However, the joyous moment comes with a (potentially steep) price – the long-standing tradition of the lucky golfer buying a round of drinks for everyone at the clubhouse. Enter hole-in-one insurance. In some cases, it comes in the form of an informal collection plate where golfers throw in a few bucks to help protect another member from their “good fortune”. Some clubs have a more formal fund into which every member pays dues. And as is to be expected, various insurance companies offer specialized prize indemnity insurance for protecting tournament organizers against unexpectedly lucky outcomes. If it’s a beautiful day on the links where you’re feeling lucky, but not carrying insurance…or a full wallet…you may just want to shoot for a hole-in-two!