Jim Masiello makes the IBA Hot 100

Insurance Business America (IBA) recently published their annual roundup of the 100 people who had the biggest impact on the insurance industry in 2014. From CEOs to presidents of major carriers to local heroes, the insurance community flooded IBA with their nominations and votes.

Jim Masiello, Founder, Chairman & CEO, SIAA, created a model that makes it possible for member agencies to gain access to many of the nation’s biggest and best insurance companies as well as gain access to support services usually beyond the reach of smaller agencies. Under his leadership, SIAA rose to new heights in 2014. The alliance signed its 5,000th member last year, and members reached more than $5 billion in combined premium. SIAA now connects 48 master agencies over the 48 contiguous states, making it the nation’s largest alliance of independent agencies.

Masiello has also fostered a system that has created nearly 3,000 new independent agencies since 2000. “Our formula is simple,” Masiello says. “We find good people who want to succeed but have limited access to competitive companies and other resources. We enable them to use their hard work and determination to grow successful independent insurance agencies.”

Jim is in very good company with some highly successful and deserving industry leaders also making the Top 100. Congratulations to all!