Learning Never Stops

Matthew P. Masiello, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for SIAA, says his organization is on the forefront of new ideas and trends that are happening now, and those that will shape insurance in the years ahead. The following are excerpts from that interview:

Do you think continuing education helps agents increase their business?
Absolutely. Things change – the market, the industry, the consumer, regula-tions, etc. Continuing education enables independent agents to stay cur-rent on trends that are happening now – and more importantly, it enables them to deal with those trends – armed with the knowledge that is needed to do so successfully. Education is more than just technical coverage and product. It’s imperative that agents are educating themselves and their staff to compete in the changing insurance distribution environment. As con-sumers’ buying trends change, insurance agents need to adjust to those changes. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary this year, we also recognize that we as an organization have continued to learn in order to help provide our Member Agencies with the tools they need to succeed. The Training & Learning Center is an example of our learning and adapting over the years.

Read the full article, published in the October issue of Best’s Review.